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Newspapers: ‘game on’ in mobile!

March 5, 2013

Smartphone penetration has hit some 125 million U.S. consumers, according to Borrell Associates, with tablets in the hands of about 50 million more. Advertisers turn to you to help them expose their goods and services to the masses. Readers turn to you for the latest and greatest information and deals. The audience is there, so what are you doing to capture this audience? I have one word for you. ENGAGEMENT.

For example, supplying your audience with a Real Estate mobile application is one thing, but incorporating user engagement tools such as mapping, sharing components, GPS search options, alert notifications, and social media tools is quite another. Give your audience what they want, and consequently, you’ll make your advertisers happy as well.


Want to know more about our reader engagement tools, such as our Home Search mobile application, Garage Sale mobile application and more? Contact us today!

At Classified Concepts, we’re more than just a multimedia partner; we help you put revenue on the map!


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