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What’s working in mobile advertising — and what might work in the future

November 16, 2012

It is interesting to see the huge gap illustrated here between Mobile Usage and Mobile Advertising spend. This can suggest several things – that advertisers believe mobile advertising doesn’t work, mobile ads are extremely cheap, or, most realistically that there is still a huge adoption deficit for mobile advertising.

Contrast this with the spend on print advertising versus the limited time spent consuming print.

Classified Concepts provides an affordable way to take your classified advertising to mobile. As your readers spend more time on their mobile devices it is more important than every to be serving ads in the most appropriate arena. As the local authority on news, advertising and information you have the added advantage that you can provide the most relevant data to the mobile environment – local data from a local source. This is a great opportunity to tap into the mobile advertising void around your audience.

Is your advertising revenue shifting from print to mobile? What trends are you seeing in internet based advertising? Let us know in the comments section.


As Mary Meeker, the Queen of the Internet, made clear earlier this year, mobile is on the wrong side of a monetization gap. While consumers are spending more and more time on mobile devices, advertising revenue there is still lagging well behind traditional online — some $30 billion was spent in online advertising last year in the U.S. vs. $1.6 billion for mobile ads. Ad rates on mobile are 5 times lower than on desktop.

Mobile AdvertisingAdvertisers are expected to chase the eyeballs to mobile, though to what extent and how quickly is unclear. Mobile presents particular challenges for advertisers because they don’t have the same retargeting tools (like cookies) that they have online, the screens are smaller, and ads have the potential to be more intrusive than on the desktop. For now, marketers are spending more on ads for smartphones than for tablets, because more people own the former than the…

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