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Is impression based selling really just the “metric du jour”?

August 21, 2012

The newspaper industry first began selling ads based on circulation. That metric later changed to “total reach”. Today, online and mobile advertising are often sold on an impression or page view based pricing model. Some people argue how effective that type of pricing is if a one time user from the other end of the country stumbles upon the site, never to return again. Also keeping in mind that local advertising is a huge push for media companies. Does that advertiser REALLY get what they need from that page view? I believe the answer is “no”.

So what does matter? Well, take into account the fact that the majority of your readers are actually coming to you for a reason. Finding out the reason and serving them meaningful information and relevant offers is key. Creating an ad serving program based on the relationship you build with your audience, and the understanding you have for their needs will take your company further. Learn more about this strategy here.

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