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August 11th is National Garage Sale Day!

July 20, 2012

Many newspapers feel that Garage Sales is still a category owned by the industry. Treasure seekers rely on their local leader to point them in the right direction, and even provide them with driving directions, special offers and pictures of their potential future purchase.

How does your company compete in this arena? Are you supplying readers with a multimedia experience? We make shopping for local treasures fun for your readers by supplying them with print, online, text and mobile application options. Oh, and I might add that our customers average $26,000 in NEW REVENUE during their first garage sale season after launching our program.

Check out what others have to say:

“We achieve the ROI necessary to truly call this program a success…Nobody else can provide an interactive experience for readers and advertisers like Classified Concepts can.”

-Michelle Ackerman – Director of Advertising, The Gazette, Colorado Springs, CO

“The value of what we get in print, online and mobile far outweighs the expense for the program! Classified Concepts helps us to improve our product offerings and reader features because you always provide the latest and greatest!”

-Jackie Maunder, Classified Manager, The Missoulian

“We all feel very comfortable with our partnership with Classified Concepts. A third party company can sometimes be difficult, but the transition was quick and we’re very pleased to be reaping the benefits of a high ROI so quickly. In addition, it’s nice to get compliments from advertisers and readers on the program.”

-Danielle Forbes, Assistant Sales Manager, Pittsburgh Tribune / Trib Total Media


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