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Tools to successfully market your Garage Sale mobile application.

April 30, 2012

By now most of you are well on your way into garage sale season! I’m hearing some amazing ROI success stories directly tied to our program, especially the mobile application component. If you’re not currently taking advantage of our mobile app – you should be! It never surprises me that when I ask someone why they’re having such great success with the app, they immediately say that it’s all about promotion. So…I want to make sure you’re all armed with some successful tools on how to market your mobile application.

First, make sure you’re promoting the “text to download” feature. This allows readers to text your keyword to 52732 and receive instructions on how to download. This is the easiest way for people to download your app! Let me know if you need me to remind you what your keyword is.

Ask me for the URL to your app, so you can:

  • Embed it on your mobile webpage. In this case, the program will identify that the user is coming in via a mobile web browser and they will be taken through the steps to download the app.
  • Create a “tiny URL” and advertise it in print (i.e.
  • Create a custom Microsoft Tag (similar to QR’s but easier on the eyes and VERY easy to customize) or a QR code linking back to the URL. Run this on your print map so users can have fun with this technology.

You can also embed our online widget on your webpage. This widget is an easy way for users to simply click to download your mobile app.

Wishing you all a very successful Garage Sale season!


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