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Who Needs a Thneed?

March 29, 2012

A poem from Dr. Seuss’ little brother (who never made it as a poet): 

Everybody needs a Thneed.

The sun is shining, the pool is thumping,
but come Saturday, I’m going bargain hunting.

I pick up my paper, keys and map.
This would be so easy if I just had an App.

With an App I could find all the yard sales in one spot.
Select my favorites, map my plan of attack, even share with my friends,
now that’s hot!

Oooo, and what’s this ad over here, from my favorite sandwich shop?
Thanks for the reminder, my stomach’s growling,
I’m making that my next stop.

Dude, my newspaper really gets me,
knows I like my info on-the-run.
Wonder if they have an Entertainment App too to help me find some local fun?
Don’t let your flip-flop wearing, treasure hunting readers down.
Give them the custom-branded Garage Sale App to help them get around!

The Garage Sale App from Classified Concepts, it ain’t no Thneed.
It really IS something your readers like and your paper needs.

Does your paper have an app for Garage Sale season?  We can get you rolling just in time.  Contact us at or 866.955.6277 (toll free).

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