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The web. Oh, that old thing?

October 19, 2011

Mobile app analytics company, Flurry, reports that for the first time ever, consumers in the US are spending more time engrossed in mobile apps than they are browsing the web on their mobile phones and desktop PCs.

This stat is even more remarkable if you consider that it took less than three years for native mobile apps to achieve this level of usage, driven primarily by the popularity of Apple and Android platforms.

Does your mobile app strategy support this change in behavior?

Newspapers are engaging readers in their mobile apps in various ways. Some papers rely on the fact that “maps” are among the top 3 most popular types of mobile applications; using this fun technology to assist Open House seekers to map their way to finding the home of their dreams. The market continues to be a challenge for New Home builders, so newspapers need to provide them with the value of print, web and mobile; in the form of apps as well as a text component. Many newspapers are realizing that as the New Home and Resale markets are in challenging times, the Rental category is experiencing growth. The opportunity here is to supply Property Managment companies with a mobile application to allow rental seekers the ability to shop for a community directly from their mobile device. Other newspapers go the route of engaging their readers on a totally different level. Creating a mobile application to allow users to plan an exciting day out in their community; mapping out farmers markets, wineries, festivals, and especially, Garage Sales!

In June 2011, Americans spent an average of 74 minutes per day browsing the web and 81 minutes per day using mobile apps. App use has almost doubled in the last year, growing from just 43 minutes per day in June 2010, to 66 minutes per day in December 2010 to 81 minutes per day in June 2011.

On the contrary, internet use experienced comparatively conservative growth in the last 12 months from 64 minutes per day in June 2010, to 70 minutes in December to 74 minutes in June 2011.

The big takeaway here…imagine how many apps will be available in just 1 year from now. There’s no doubt that usage will continue to shift to apps. You want to leverage your readers and their usage so that they are relying on YOUR apps NOW… before your competitor does.

Classified Concepts has partnered with many newspapers to create a mobile offering that is truly second to none. View our Open House and Garage Sale mobile app demos! For Open Houses, text “OHapp” to 52732. For Garage Sales text “GSapp” to 52732.

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