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Give ’em what they want!

April 18, 2011

According to a recent “State of the News Media” study by Pew – users of local news apps are disproportionately younger, better educated and more likely to be black or Hispanic. Not surprisingly, the youngest demographic studied, 18-29, is the most likely to access local news and information via their mobile devices – across almost every content category.

While this is good news for newspapers with an aging subscriber base, the report finds that local news apps are only used by 13 percent of adults who own mobile devices. According to the study (and to make matters worse), only 1 percent of the U.S. adult population has paid for a local news app to date. So what DO mobile app users want? And what are they willing to pay for? Well, according to a Nielsen Wire report, the  third most popular type of mobile app download is maps.

Newspapers need to give ’em what they want and combine their local ad content (private party, real estate, auto, retail/entertainment) with a fully functional “locator map” for print, online, and yes, you guessed it, mobile apps. Providing local content from a trusted source, and mapping features to escort their readers to their advertisers front door.

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