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It’s not just garage sales, open houses and automobiles……

March 11, 2011

In case you didn’t know, during our rare breaks here at Classified Concepts we make maps of OTHER things. Sometimes they are fun things, like coffee shops en route to a tradeshow, or ‘places I once met up with a blind date’.

Sometimes events overtake things, and cant be ignored.

The news coverage of the devastating earthquake in Japan highlighted a huge 8.9 event, but as the interviews went on more and more serious seismic movement occurred. Hundreds of quakes took place which in their own right would have been regarded as serious events. On this Bing map you can see all of them, as they happened, and their magnitudes. And to really bring it home, we have been adding videos from the Citizen Tube channel of Youtube featuring eyewitness and local news coverage that show what was happening on the ground. And we thought we would share it with you. Let us know what you think.

Our thoughts are of course with those people who are more than just points on a map.

Japan 3/11 Earthquake map

3/11/11 Japan Earthquake Event

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