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Win an iPhone in the 2011 “The Best of the Worst” Contest

January 10, 2011

Come on, we’ve all been there. Sitting around the office holiday lunch party table. Graciously playing enthusiastic to your boss’ annual white elephant exchange. Hoping, no better yet, praying you don’t get stuck with the singing trout again this year!

At Classified Concepts we make it a practice to add a bit of fun to our work (we’re not just maps and apps after all). So just for kicks, we scoured our local region to find “The Best of the Worst” holiday gifts. After all, last year’s trash will most likely end up this year’s treasured garage sale find. (Yes, Garage Sale season is just around the corner!)

So, we invite you to visit our contest site and take a look at our nominees for the 2011 “The Best of the Worst.” Vote for your top pic and enter to win an iPhone!

Vote as many times as you like. Share it with a friend and colleague. But remember, voting ends Friday, January 14th.

Thinking about Garage Sale Season already? Ask us about our new Garage Sale smartphone app, branded for your paper, easy to set up!

Your vote counts,
The Classified Concepts Team, or 866.955.6277 (toll free).

Click on your favorite gift below and vote for a chance to win an iPhone.

GS Contest

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