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WCAA – Fresh outlook, innovative ideas….cutting edge technology

September 27, 2010

It’s my first WCAA conference, and I have to tell you – it’s only day one and I’m already impressed! The conference is led by Bill Cummings of Freedom Communications and the room is full of talented individuals – Wall Street Journal, NAA, and many more. Ideas are flowing and the main focus… how to take newspapers (or multi-media companies) around the next turn (social media, mobile, content/staying relevant, engaging younger audiences/current audiences, self-serve, and measuring true ROI). I can’t wait to see what Bill and the WCAA gang will bring to the table as the week progresses.

Quick Share:

–  “share” button on all ads to post on reader’s Facebook page

– Obituaries going mobile (ask Legacy)

– Tweeting ads (general feed) – make sure information is RELEVANT to your followers (or you won’t have any followers who are truly interested in your advertisers message)

– Self-serve – 73% of advertisers up sell themself on a self-serve platform

Gotta get back to the conference. More later!

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