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When it comes to texting, we write the Scripps.

July 12, 2010

Nate Rodriguez of the Scripps Newspaper ‘Ventura County Star’ is a trailblazer. He saw an opportunity to jump on the new smart phone revolution, and more importantly he saw a way to monetize it. He was looking for a texting program for all of his classified categories that would deliver ads directly to mobile devices, quickly and accurately.

Classified Concepts knows newspapers, and texting. Yes, they had experience in texting programs, but these primarily were tailored to work with their more traditional locator programs for Real Estate, Garage Sale, and Entertainment categories.

At the time, Nate and the Ventura County Star were not a current client of Classified Concepts. He had, however, maintained a regular dialogue with CC’s National Sales Manager, Peter Sproul over the years, and consulted with him regarding his desire to have a standalone text offering for classifieds.

Peter listened and understood VCS’s needs. He and the CC Team worked closely with VCS to develop a text program that would not only deliver the newspaper’s classified ads in a timely mobile format, but also offered it in a price model that made sense for newspapers and their advertisers. The rest is history.

“Classified Concepts has always been an innovative company. Our innovations come mainly from listening to those who know the market best – our customers. Nate from the VCStar was looking for a way to take advantage of the smart phone revolution – we had the technology and sufficient understanding of the newspaper industry to be able to produce the results he needed. That’s the way we work around here – if it doesn’t work for newspapers, it doesn’t work for us.

My name is Peter Sproul, and I’m your CC Sales Manager. I’m ready to help you increase your revenue with tested and proven texting and locator map solutions. Contact me today.”


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